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There are no one size fits all investigations. Our investigations are customized to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes. 

When Details Matter Call Us.

We offer many investigative services, below are a just a few. Call today to discuss your needs.


Criminal Defense:

We work closely with your attorney to give you the best defense. Our methods can result in additional points of interest that were not adequately investigated by an overworked and underfunded police agency. These additional areas include forensic and situational analysis, witnesses, CCTV, and other evidence that could be used to clear you.


Case Review:

Do you have a case that has gone cold or needs a fresh pair of eyes? We understand the police and attorneys working your case may not have the time or resources necessary to give your case the attention it deserves. We do. We use our expertise to create valuable new leads through in-depth document analysis, evidence examination, situational interpretation, and interview analysis, breathing new life into your case.  

After completing an exhaustive review of your case including all relevant case materials, reports, documents, and evidence you can supply, we can work with police investigators and attorneys to help achieve the desired outcomes. 


Employee Theft/Embezzlement Investigations:

Are you having concerns your employees may be stealing from your business or not treating customers the way you have trained them?

Employee Theft Investigation can uncover the method of theft, the guilty employee, and supply the evidence and case materials needed for a potential criminal prosecution all while saving you thousands in lost profits.

Undercover Customer Service Testing is an investigative method of testing your staff’s ability to handle customers in different customer service situations that may arise during a typical work day revealing areas where further training is required, or employees need termination. One customer lost to bad customer service can cost your business thousands in profits, this technique can help prevent the loss of valuable customers.




Tel: 315-558-4669


Armour Investigations & Consulting, Inc. is a full-service private investigation firm known for professionalism, discretion, and results. Thoughtfully serving our Central New York clients using both modern investigation methods and old-fashioned diligence. We take our clients concerns seriously and will work tirelessly to achieve the desired results. 

Along with investigation services, we also offer unique training programs in:

  • Fraud Detection for Insurance Company Employees

  • Surveillance Investigation

  • Don’t see what you need listed above? Call and inquire today, we offer many more services.

  • Call or Text today for a free consultation 315-558-4669.

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